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VoxGov provides early warning signals that empower users to anticipate and respond sooner to federal government actions and events that impact organizational interests and individual well-being.

We provide real-time access to the largest and most comprehensive collection of information from federal agencies and congressional sources while optimizing workflows for best results.

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“VoxGov: A Veritable Goldmine of “Hidden” U.S. Goverment Insights and Trends... The VoxGov website offers a treasure-trove of hidden government data... ”
by Jean O’Grady – Dewey B Strategic blog; Sr. Director of Research & Knowledge at DLA Piper
“VoxGov would be a useful service for lobbyists and government-affairs lawyers, general counsel, and any lawyer with a significant need to track government activity... I’m not aware of anything that compares to VoxGov in its ability to monitor a broad scope of government media in real time and deliver it all in a simple and intuitive interface.”
by Bob Ambrogi – LawSites blog

Manage Important Issues Better

Law Firms & GC's Anticipate change
Government Affairs Professionals Respond to opportunity & risk
Media Monitoring government 24x7
Government Officials A unified view of government
Education Transparency in government
Interest Groups Protecting Member interests

Unified View into Government

  1. 46M Documents
  2. 200,000+ new per week
  3. 8,500 sources
  4. Patented filtering
  5. Rapid drill-down

100+ Content Types

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  2. Rulemaking
  3. Regulatory
  4. Compliance
  5. Social media

Trending & Visualizations

  1. 10 yr. timeline graphs
  2. Congressional demographics
  3. Download options
  4. Top terms
  5. Proprietary trending

Collaboration Toolkit

  1. Follow sources
  2. Save searches
  3. Receive alerts
  4. Share reports

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